How To: Get Sexy in 6 Weeks

June 30th, 2014
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Health is the greatest possession. Contentment is the greatest treasure. Confidence is the greatest friend. Are you happy? Yes: Keep going. No: Change something.

Finding the path to health is not always an easy road though it does help when you have an experienced health & fitness professional by your side. Blake Worrall-Thompson’s 6 Weeks to Sexy program came as a personal recommendation and I have to admit I was a little sceptical at first. Like I am with everything really. I’ve never been a fan of group fitness (mostly ostracised by women saying ‘you don’t need to be here you’re already skinny’ in various strength & cardio classes), and I’ve never lasted any longer than one or two sessions with a Personal Trainer in the past either. I wouldn’t call it a personality conflict, I’ve just never thought it ideal to know more about the machines than they do nor have I enjoyed listening into a conversation with fellow gym goers about all the babes you picked up or drugs/alcohol you consumed on the weekend - like it would impress me. Game over. So those bad experiences, which had a tendency to repeat themselves as I’ve been to 5 different gyms across two states in the last four years, was enough for me to think I was trucking along just fine doing my own thing. At the beginning of the year that all changed.

The thought of representing my country on the international stage suddenly dawned on me and I dropped my usual stubborn ‘everything is fine as is’ attitude and adopted the ‘why not’ way of thinking. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised to see where it landed me!

Street cred

Before investing in anything that you ultimately want to improve your life it’s always a good idea to do your research. In this case I didn’t need to look far. Blake has a wrap sheet a mile long and is what the standards of all health and fitness experts should be.

Founder of  the 6 week programs “6 weeks to sexy” for women & “6 weeks to shredded” for guys, Personal Trainer, Television personality and author, Blake Worrall-Thompson is one of the most sought after health and fitness experts in the country.

Blake has also transformed the bodies of a number of celebrities including Artist, Actor and TV Personality Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Media Personalities Lara Bingle, Maude Garrett, TV host Sal Obermeder and Children’s TV Presenter Lauren Brant in achieving their perfect body.

Blake’s innovative and holistic approach to health and fitness has seen him become a regular in a number of publications including Women Fitness, Lifestyle YOU online, The Daily Telegraph’s Body and Soul, Instyle Magazine, Grazia, OK! Magazine and the Australian Women’s Weekly to name a few as well as being the personal trainer on Foxtel’s “Eat Yourself Sexy”.

Blake is the driving force behind hundreds of success stories of people that have previously struggled with their health and fitness and have since reached levels of health well beyond their expectations.

The early bird gets the worm

Anyone who knows me well knows I’m not a morning person. In fact don’t even talk to me before 9am or before I’ve had a coffee. My parents enjoyed a sleep in when I was younger, and my twin brother and I loved it too (that makes it genetic, right!? ;) Obviously our modern day work and lifestyles aren’t the same as our teenage way of things - where sleeping in on a Sunday after an entire Saturday of playing competition tennis was the norm. Our parents even had to wake us up each Christmas as youngsters because we were still asleep…at 9am - don’t most kids get up at 5am to open presents? Yep, a little bit different there. So is it any wonder when the #6W2S session times were locked in just about everyone in my life was like ‘5am!? Good luck with that Kate.’

Admittedly it was hard, a new routine always is until you settle into it (and for me around my work and charity schedule, plus events where you’re working through the day and night, was a killer). By week 3 I’d worked out a routine to get through a lot of the fatigue I was experiencing. I called it napping and it usually occurred in the afternoon on days I wasn’t shooting haha. In all seriousness though, exercising in the morning worked out to be ideal because once you’re home, showered and dressed for the day you’re typically up before you would’ve been to start work anyway (unless shooting across town, that’d cut it fine).

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Week 1

Before kicking off Week 1 of the program all the newbies completed a little fitness test, weighed in and had our measurements taken. I actually thought I was pretty ok in that department; measurements were a-ok as per my model comp cards, and thinking the last time I’d done a plank it was 4min I totally thought I had this in the bag. I was deluded. The 3.7km run around Centennial Parklands (which for me was more a jog/walk whilst wheezing like a cat choking on a fur ball) took 28min 20sec. Everyone else seemed to complete it in under 20 minutes so I was a little disheartened. Low and behold by week two I’d worked out that the majority of women in my group had been training for a marathon…that made me feel much better! Then came the strength stuff. I managed to belt out 10 chin ups with a resistance band, 20 lunges with weights, 2min 10sec plank, and 10 push ups on my knees. Yep, real basic stuff there!

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I’m smiling after my fitness testing with Luke…so good to know I survived! As you can see Leo and Maya couldn’t be more helpful in the stretching department! Keeping it fresh in Lululemon and 2XU.

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Week 1 with Blake complete, yay! Kettle Bell Swings, mastered after my first session. Quite liking the tone I’m seeing in my legs already!

Week 6

Well well well, haven’t things changed!? Where have you been all my life…HELLO toned everything! Working as a model you need to be swimwear ready 24-7, regardless of the season, and it was just such an eye opener seeing what being pushed to your limits was like - body and mind! The results I’ve seen in the last few weeks would have taken me months to achieve on my own. And who would’ve thought I’d even grab a hold of these ropes, lets alone swing them around for a few minutes! 

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Fitness testing with Blake = punishment day!! I was totally psyched my strength and fitness levels had improved from day 1 - and I managed to win myself an awesome Kamuka photographic print active mat for being the Week 6 challenge winner. Woohoo!

Blake has been a constant source of motivation and inspiration, and his fitness coaching has encompassed all facets of health from strength training and cardio, to wellbeing and nutrition during the program. Not to mention the raft of questions I’ve bombarded him with in that time - sufficiently answered. To think I’ve even flown abroad/interstate during the program - and the food guide and alternate training times have been more than accommodating for my hectic schedule.

The 3.7km run around Centennial Parklands (which I managed to jog the entire way without stopping, yay for me) took 24min 10sec, 30 chin ups with a resistance band, 116 lunges with weights, 2min plank (minus 10sec there, I put it down to the 45min training session JUST BEFORE I tested), and 30 push ups on my knees. Seriously, I’ve never felt more alive, happy, healthy…and SEXY!! 

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 Healthy and happy! Image by Natalie Roser Photography, as published in Fashion Weekly Magazine.

Get your own slice of sexy!

One of the amazing things about being in my line of work is that you have access to an abundance of professionals. Fitness, health and nutrition to fashion, styling, and beauty - most of which you would never have had the opportunity to hear about had you not been in the right place at the right time. It’s not cut off from anyone outside of the industry, it’s just harder to filter through all the thousands of articles online and in magazines if it doesn’t come as a personal recommendation. Consider this a personal recommendation. And don’t think for one second that anyone with a ‘celebrity’ title is out of reach to work with or too expensive! Training on the ground with Blake’s program is currently established in Sydney and Adelaide:


For those keen to jump on board and don’t live in Sydney or Adelaide - don’t have a freak out. There is an online program just for you too. The 6 Weeks to Sexy family is continuously growing with women who want to loose weight, tone up, or improve their overall health and fitness. This encompasses every woman I know! They’re taking on girls for the July/August program so if you’re keen drop Leah an email @ to secure your spot.

Girls get sexy, boys get shredded

Relax, there is something for the gents too. I know right!? Blake is the gift that keeps on giving. Ladies, if you have a man who’s keen on doing a similar program (for weight loss, toning and overall health and fitness awesomeness) designed specifically for the lads of course, then have them check out the 6 Weeks to Shredded program.

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Your body is your most priceless possession…so go take care of it!
Kate x
Your Mrs Australia

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