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Ovarian Cancer Australia ‘Afternoon Teal.’ For My Aunty Chez

February 17th, 2015
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People come to feel strongly about causes for a variety of reasons because tragedy touches individuals and families in different ways. In the face of adversity my Mother and Aunty Chez are the most inspirational and positive people I know and have known. And it’s their strength that I draw from every day because I’m not confined to a wheelchair and I’m not fighting cancer.

My commitment is to support the fighters, admire the survivors, honour the taken, and never ever give up hope!

The moments, people and events since ovarian cancer touched our family in 2008 has shaped the person I am today and for that I am very grateful. Fundraising for, and being a National Community Ambassador for, Ovarian Cancer Australia was the focal point of my charity work when I competed in and later won my Mrs Australia International title (and later combined that with my work with teens for competing on the world stage, proudly representing Australia and the Touch of Goodness Foundation!). Working in the model industry is a far cry from curing cancer, though it’s an avenue for me to combine a passion with a cause. It goes without saying that the ‘leading by example’ philosophy in turn encourages more models, public figures and pageant queens to engage with their communities and local charities. There is so much more to life than just being another pretty face! So this is me doing my bit to support the fighters; and my Aunty Chez.

This past Sunday a group of us gathered to honour Chez, kindly hosted in Warawee at the family home of Lindy & Robert Williams. Many thanks for joining us and digging deep to support a wonderful cause!

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Host Your Own Afternoon Teal!

If you’re interested in hosting your own Afternoon Teal, please register @ Ovarian Cancer Australia. More information on the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer, or for support for women battling the disease or family members wishing to connect, please contact the OCA office here. Know that you’re not alone in your journey and there is always someone here to help!

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In loving Memory

Cheryl Isabel Riha “Chez”
11 February 1949 ~ 7 March 2013
I never knew a real hero until my Aunt become one.

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Kate x
National Community Ambassador
Ovarian Cancer Australia

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