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September 3rd, 2014
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In beauty news: The ‘Beautiful You Australia’ event is coming…and it’s time for beauty refined!! Here I sit down with Gemma, the brains behind the beauty & lifestyle blog Lady Sapphire, to chat all the things that make me feel beautiful:

Lady Sapphire: I’m sitting here reading the fact that 2% of women describe themselves as beautiful. When I think about it deeply I actually find it believable sadly. I cannot recall a single lady, online or in person, who has said that they are happy with the way they look. We are our harshest critics and tend to pick on every single imperfection…no matter how small or unnoticeable it may be.

Beautiful You Australia is on a mission to change the way we think of ourselves and in turn redefine beauty. It is an event set to launch in Melbourne this month at the Royal Exhibition Building. Visitors will be able to experience everything from fashion to beauty health and fitness. Areas to visit include:

  • Glamorous You (beauty, hair, makeup and nails);
  • Happy You (lifestyle, career, finance and travel);
  • Healthy You (diet & nutrition, fitness & wellness);
  • Stylish You (fashion & accessories, jewellery, trends, shoes and shopping); and
  • Younger You (skincare, plastic surgery, cosmetic procedures and anti-ageing).

Visitors also have to chance to meet the Beautiful You Australia ambassadors such as Carmelo Pizzino, Jennifer Hawkins AND Mrs Australia 2014 Kate Johnson.

> Read the full article @ the Lady Sapphire Blog here.

What makes me feel beautiful?

Working Out

When one thinks of beauty, they don’t normally think of sweating, huffing, puffing and a make-up free face. I am the complete opposite – I often feel my most beautiful when I’m working out. My lifestyle has always leant towards being active & healthy, more so in preparation for my international competition this July in Florida. Upping the intensity with my personal trainer Blake Worrall-Thompson during his ‘6 Weeks to Sexy’ program I’ve loved nothing more than the grind of a hard training session. My legs burn and my arms ache but afterwards I feel on top of the world!

Exercise makes me happy and more confident within myself. Health is your greatest possession and confidence is your greatest friend. This is one of the reasons why I’m so proud to be an ambassador for Beautiful You Australia; the ‘healthy you’ section focuses on making the body beautiful both inside and out.

My Charity Work

I have been involved with various charities for many years and it is a source of great pride. I took advantage of the strong sense of community and work ethic I inherited from my parents and have applied their initiatives to my own life. I’m a big believer in giving back to the community whether that involves my time, energy or drawing attention to a great cause. Nothing makes me feel more beautiful and is more rewarding than the smiles and I receive from people that have been helped by the charities I work with. And it’s a wonderful feeling to call the extraordinary teams at Ovarian Cancer Australia and the Touch of Goodness Foundation family.

 A Date Night

Whether with your beau or heading out with the girls, at the end of the day - what girl doesn’t like getting glammed up!? Quality time with loved ones can often be few and far between; hectic work schedules, children, commute times and other commitments often taking centre stage. I love being makeup-free and in loungewear at the best of times, though every now and again I love putting on a gorgeous dress and getting all dolled up for a night out. I always feel a million dollars; a little pampering and ‘you’ time is good for the soul. The transformation between heading into the bathroom and out the door is enough to raise anyone’s confidence. Kick up those heels girls!

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Get involved with Beautiful You Australia

Make sure to add the Beautiful You Australia event into your diaries. It will be held on Saturday 13th September from 10am-6pm and on Sunday 14th September from 10am-5pm at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne. Tickets are from $27 and are available online from Beautiful You Australia.

What make YOU beautiful?

We would LOVE to hear about what makes YOU feel beautiful. For Gemma @ Lady Sapphire Blog, it’s the way her children say “mummy is so pretty” when she gets all dressed up to head out. Let us know in the comments below!

Kate x

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