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Sydney Confidential: Learn CPR! Gossip That Revives

August 12th, 2014
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And by Sydney Confidential Gossip - I mean, LEARN CPR!

Not quite what I expected after my International Competition, though it’s not like strokes, heart attacks and insulin deficient people ever come up and tap you on the should for a ‘heads up.’ I have been St John’s Senior First Aid qualified for the better part of 16 years. When I first started to apply for jobs as a teen, being First Aid qualified came under the same prerequisite as ‘must have own transport.’ Now a days I keep it current and it’s a requirement for being an Instructor with the Australian Air Force Cadets (and because I want to).

Coined the ‘kiss of life’ from coverage on Dear Pageant Girl, thank you Sydney Confidential + The Daily Telegraph for highlighting the importance of knowing First Aid.

> Read the full article here!

Whether you’re in a signature gown (I fortunately had hung up my Roxcii gown and was in much more comfortable attire when the incident happened), at a friend’s place, or driving down the street; you just never know when YOU’RE IT. That day it was me. Of the 20 or so people all standing around the Jacksonville Amtrak train station in Florida, USA…not a single soul knew what to do. Religious or not, praying for Jesus and slapping her on the face was not going to bring her back.

Safe to say I am blessed to have got off the train in Miami, incident-free and into the arms of my gorgeous friend Lauren Vickers who came equipped with a bunch of flowers and a delicious vegetarian meal to help me calm the nerves (thank you!!). By the next morning I was well rested and the shakes had worn off.

What’s the lesson here? Everything else can wait. CONTACT St John’s Ambulance.

Learn CPR today. You could save a life.
Kate x

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