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August 7th, 2014
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Ranked 5th in the iTunes New & Noteworthy, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Performance & Celebrity Coach Immik Kerr via her “Inspirational Interviews” - and I am so EXCITED to share my podcast with you!!

Immik’s interviews highlight personal and professional success; in life and in business so YOU can do the same. In our candid conversation I share my own journey, complete with trials & tribulations, that lead me to path I find myself on today through modelling, running a business, travelling, life mantras…and never giving up!

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> LISTEN to the full interview here.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

- Practical advice for young aspiring models
- Which qualities you should be presenting on your social media channels
- The importance of finding a niche market and being realistic in the modeling world
- The key to staying focused
- The first steps to take towards becoming happier for those who have been in toxic relationships or have been sexually assaulted

Featured On The Show:

Shortcuts to the good stuff:

- (00:35min) Keen to get into the industry? What do you do differently as a working model that sets you apart: my evolving portfolio @
- (02:50min) Landing ‘the job’. Being the ideal Brand Ambassador
- (04:20min) How & Why. My business of modelling
- (08:35min) Mantras, the best advice I’ve received (beauty + lifestyle)
- (10:05min) How do you stay focused?
- (11:30min) Overcoming personal challenges
- (13:00min) The art of having fun + prioritising my health & well-being with Blake Worrall-Thompson’s 6 Weeks to Sexy program
- (14:30min) Positive thinking: low self esteem + digging yourself out
- (16:20min) What lays ahead:
**Libby Watkins Art + The Archibald Prize
**Have a teenage daughter? Check out the Girlfriend Magazine Beautiful Minds Event (Sydney) and the Beautiful You Australia Exhibition (Melbourne)!
- (18:00min) Model & Pageant Queen: Keeping it real. My work with the Touch of Goodness Foundation & the birth of #ChicNation.

LISTEN to more of Immik’s Inspirational Interviews via iTunes here!

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Always keep it real!
Kate x

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