Meerkat Giggles: Monday-itis Gone!

March 3rd, 2014
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Monday’s and I don’t usually get along. The idea of a weekend to relax is usually shadowed by the fact that I work during the week…and also on weekends. With the odd random day off somewhere in the mix. So I have found a little treat that got the giggles going and I’m just ‘sharing the goodness.’

Thanks to the Daily Mail my obsession with Meerkats has just doubled. I’m now shrieking ‘oh my goodness, how cute’ at my computer screen like the inner teenager I am forever training to act more maturely. This philosophy of mine doesn’t apply when animals are involved. And I only indulged in their cuteness while tuned into a David Attenborough documentary last night too! It’s the sweetest thing to hear this little fella (named Alexander) laugh :) I hope it gives you a good giggle - my Monday-itis has gone so I hope yours is on the mend too!

Enjoy :) Kate x
Your (Meerkat obsessed) Mrs Australia

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