New Zealand Woman’s Weekly: Charity & Competition Downunder

June 14th, 2014
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My visit to New Zealand a few weeks back has made some headlines!! I am beyond excited to have an editorial piece on my candidature as Mrs Australia International amongst the pages of New Zealand’s Woman’s Weekly!! An added bonus is to be able to share the limelight with my fellow #SisterOfTheSash Elena Turner, Mrs New Zealand International 2014 who I had the pleasure of meeting whilst visiting on my charity visit to Auckland.

Read the online article here. Thank you Elena for sending me a copy of the Mag! My ‘Mrs Aussie’ piece here:

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There’s no way Elena and I are each others biggest competition…I’d say more a united front to bring the Mrs International crown downunder! :)

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Thank you so much Linda, you’re a gem! x

Kate x
Your #MrsAustralia

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***Original portrait by Natalie Roser Photography


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