Happiness Was Born A Twin

July 10th, 2014
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So what’s it like being a twin? Don’t you ever get annoyed that you have to share your birthday every year?

Being asked the monotonous questions year in and year out for most people in this world would be rather vexing. Though when you meet new friends and mingle with new work colleagues, it becomes an excellent talking point. Particularly being that it’s unique to have ‘another you’ in the world.

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Where you’d usually find us playing! Manly, Sydney c.1987

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Earlier this year at my Mrs Australia International Crowning Ceremony.
Walsh Bay, Sydney

I am one of those lucky people blessed in life by being born a twin. Never a day passes that I don’t respond with a cheeky grin. The answer? It’s like being related to your best friend. Most girls’ first love is their Father; for me I had Adam first (back when we were teeny tiny little miracles). To this day I don’t know what I’d do without him.

We wore the same size 0 ‘twins are a double treat’ t-shirts, wrote letters to Santa together, lost the same teeth, grew up with the same circle of friends, lived through each others cheers & tears of schooling, relationships, sport achievements and life’s little woes…and were exactly the same height until we hit 13.

It never entered our heads one could possibly be older under we were asked at our 9th birthday party. Despite the fact that Adam is 8 minutes older and now 6 inches taller, he is my darling little brother and big sister rules apply – you mess with him, you mess with me.

These days it’s not foreign to have a birthday by correspondence; in subsequent years I’ve celebrated solo in Washington DC (United States), London (United Kingdom) and Phuket (Thailand). This year was no exception with Adam in Melbourne, me in Sydney and our parents (having just moved from Darwin) in Newcastle. With or without him, no matter where we are and what we’re doing in the world, we are never far apart. It’s a connection like no other and a bond that lasts a lifetime.

Talking of bonds…we can’t quite explain the catch ups we have - wearing a very similar colour palette all the time!! Must be a twin thing ;)

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Casual lunch at Ivy Pool, Sydney (going green)

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Our own little white party at The Crown, Melbourne

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Breakfast in blue. Mama Bear Cafe, Melbourne

Happy Birthday my darling twinnie! I wish I was celebrating with you.
Kate x

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